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Oklahoma Drug Card Testimonials

I had a lady come in that had several prescriptions that she had been paying $188 per month for. I showed her the Oklahoma Drug Card Program and we were able to get her prescriptions on the Program for $78.42 per month. She started crying when I told her, and you know what, it felt really good to know I had helped someone so much.

Matthew E.
Tulsa, OK

My wife was in an assisted living program and had hit the Donut Hole on our Medicare coverage. With the Oklahoma Drug Card we were able to save nearly $90 per month on her medications. It was sure nice to have something available to help us.

Charlie J.
Broken Arrow, OK

I've got good prescription coverage, but found that I could get one of my medications for $4.03 less than my copay with the Drug Card!

Stephen J.
Lawton, OK

I could barely afford to make my copay to see the doctor when I was sick and then my doc prescribed cough syrup and an antibiotic. I wasn't sure I could even afford the medicines. With the drug card I figured out that I saved 42%!

Tom M.
Oklahoma City, OK

I have had so many patients come back to us and thank us for giving them the Drug Card because it has saved them so much money.

Lisa H.
Tulsa, OK

I was on a trip to Arizona last month and forgot to bring my medicines. I was able to find a CVS pharmacy that could look up my prescriptions. Now, while they still cost me about $200, I was happy to save over $40 on the Oklahoma Drug Card.

Connie F.
Edmond, OK

Thank you for the savings. I have saved so much on my Zofran...The pharmacy couldn't believe it...they are always like...that is not right...let me check that again...I tell them it is right. I pay a little over what they pay. They are always astounded. I love it. Thank you, I will forever be thankful.

Carrie D.